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Orthodox clergy conducts the seizure of power in Russia. - The League Of The Militant Godless [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Orthodox clergy conducts the seizure of power in Russia. [Oct. 11th, 2009|06:07 am]


Orthodox clergy conducts the seizure of power in Russia.

Orthodox missionaries share their experience about transformation to zombies to atheists and agnostics when using administrative resource. is worth noting that the authorities at all levels have given support in the state program on "the revival of traditional spirituality", despite the fact that Russia is officially a secular state.

more, this text has a method for converting children from schools and kindergartens in zombies.

the original version of the article was rewritten. this is a cover-up. translation of the original version of Google's cache.

In MDA, a seminar dedicated to missionary work among non-believers and agnostics
05 October 2009 г.
October 1 with the staff of the missionary department of MDA met Meshchansky Alexander P. and Yausheva Eleanor Feodorovna, for 10 years leading the conversation with children and kindergarten teachers and teachers of schools. They shared their experience of missionary work.

In the 1 st part of the seminar - "The difficulties of communication, a lay missionary with older non-Christian audience" - Eleanor Feodorovna was the technique of interviewing in an unprepared audience, developed on personal experience.

you must to develop the methodology to determine the psychology of man, educated in the Soviet atheistic society. following features were identified:

1. Rejection of the word God. Russian atheist - the godless in the world. Word of God was brought low vulgarises in the minds of Soviet man. This painstaking work was carried out daily for 80 years. Hence - the negative perception of God.

2. Enduring rooted in materialism. no one had the notion the spiritual world of Soviet times. Now you have a need to prove the existence of the spiritual world for a grown man. children perceive as a fairy tale the Talk about the spiritual world ,    
but adults do not listen at all.

3. Adoration of the concept of the practical advantage. if something is useless, then it is not interested.

4. Inability to perceive the words of religious content.

5. Failure to voluntarily listen to something about religion. you need to the external restraining force for the first time.

From this, the main rules of conversation:

     * Use simple conversational language, only gradually introducing unfamiliar words
     * Use the concept of good
     * use external restraining force (eg, administrative resource) before you can to take the interest of the listeners.

Next a rough plan was given for constructing meetings. All the meetings, especially in the beginning, built in the form of dialogue with the audience and appeal to her own experience. Such meetings are conducted of quite some time - 2-3 years.

    1. The first lecture is devoted entirely on luck. We must find out what is happiness for each person, provide concrete examples of life. Be sure to emphasize that happiness does not consist in wealth. Confirmation of this gives life - rich and happy do not happen. Nevertheless, the happiness while you can only talk to the earthly plane.
    2. The second lecture is devoted to the spiritual world. It is necessary to prove its existence. The main evidence for man is your own unconscious experience. Many have faced, for example, the facts omens (the action of magic power to mentally tie one person to another) or the impact of psychics, hypnotists, and so on. Many people know about the negative consequences of such impacts, especially for those who resorted to their aid. Used Book Orthodox publishing house "divinations and omens", containing the real history of appeals to the dark force and their implications, and the book Abbot N «What we want to" save ". Thus, the unconscious becomes conscious experience, it is shown the negative role of the existing spiritual forces.
    3. Then you can talk about heaven and hell and say who created this world. This creator in different ways all called. Muslims - Allah, we have - God.
    4. On the laws. God created the world, created the laws of nature and spiritual. These laws are equally objective. The first spiritual law - the law of obedience. About It describes the example of Adam and Eve. Violation of this law has led to tragic consequences.
    5. For example, words spoken by Eve: to husband your desire is yours, and he shall rule over thee (Gen 3.16), revealed a law creating a happy family. The domination of her husband's superiors and leadership means wife. A desire, a dictionary Ozhegova, the same as love. If the wife to obey her husband, the Lord will give her, and then him, love. However, there are many stories that confirm this thesis. Women-hearers are encouraged to try the effect of this spiritual law in practice. They can see that it works perfectly.
    6. After a strong family is created, the problem still remains a love spell. Only been here a little bit you can tell about the Lord Jesus Christ - now it will be followed with interest.
    7. The story of the faith of great men. First of all, it's scientists. Sretenskaya Calendar ", a collection of 2000, contains statements of famous people of God, the Bible and the spiritual world. These words make a stunning impression on the audience. Some of the scientists in particular can stop telling their biographies - for example, Newton, Lomonosov.
    8. R, which produces a particularly strong impact on children - the military exploits of Alexander Suvorov, won 50 battles without a single defeat, and Ushakov, successfully has spent 40 sea campaigns (1 campaign - 2-3 battles). It is necessary to disclose details of their biography and explain how they achieved such success.
    9. Stories about famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov. Shall be credited to his sentence, which explicitly talks about Fedor God's help and protection.
   10. The story of the saints. St. Sergius of Radonezh and other saints.
   11. Practical means of acquiring holiness. Go to the 10 commandments. The first 4 commandments are too high, concentrated in talking about the last 6. About Commandments difficult to speak, but after that people are already able to go to church and ask questions to the priest. The outcome of such meetings should be the attainment of students and chaplain churching. This result is not one year of hard work.

In the 2 nd part of the seminar Aleksandr Pavlovich shared his experience working with children.

very strong temptation to happen to the missionars. You must remember that the information war goes against Orthodoxy in Russia. School or kindergarten this is a complicated plot ideological struggle. you must set up beforehand, it would be difficult. But the extraordinary rewards of the Lord are on this path.

You must develop the individual technique, but the Lord helps. You must remember that the missionary task is to bring people to God. So you do not have to get involved in cultural studies, it is only superficial knowledge, it giving nothing.

Children are very difficult to interest. They listen to 15 minutes and very quickly turned off, if they are not interested. Thus, children can hear what you say to them, whatever they are doing. Therefore, you should not pay attention to their antics: who should, he listens. However, you should not pander to children who are possessed by "demons". These children are in each grade 1-2, and they all interfere. you must let go these children of the lesson.

External indifference, scepticism, even the children rudeness, the missionary should not be confused by this. you should not be offended and perceive the mischief of children as a personal insult. you must not forget that children are under the influence of demons. You must find an original way out of any situation. remember at the same time that the Lord communicates the word to the heart, not a preacher.

Children must understand that everything that we tell it is true. you must give them the opportunity to see this, that they should come to this conclusion.

Finally, the main thing: you have to ask for help from the Lord and in His saints every time.

At the end of the meeting the head of the missionary department of the abbot Panteleimon (Berdnikov) thanked the speakers and expressed hope for continued meetings.

sorry for broken English.